solidThinking Embed Add-ons

solidThinking Embed Digital Power Designer and solidThinking Embed Comm

solidThinking Embed Digital Power Designer

solidThinking Embed Digital Power Designer provides high-level blocks for simulation and code generation of power supply and digital power components and controls. 

The blocks let you develop a working controller that can be directly downloaded to the MCU for digital power applications.

The Digital Power Designer blocks efficiently model analog powersupply configurations, along with control loops, to simulate and verify the control loop without the need for hardware. This allows you to develop your control routines much more flexibly, simulate, verify and make any needed corrections before sending out Gerbers to manufacture hardware. When your hardware arrives, you can compile and download the diagram to the MCU and test your real hardware.

Boost-Converter-726x383.jpg       Buck-Controllers-726x383.jpg

Interleaved Boost PFC Front-end with Average Current Mode Control


Control algorithm for 8 DC Buck Voltage Converters

solidThinking Embed Comm 

solidThinking Embed Comm lets you model end-to-end communication systems at the signal or physical level. With its full complement of communication blocks and powerful, time-domain simulation engine, Comm provides fast and accurate solutions for analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication systems.

You can seamlessly move among the stages of model construction, simulation, optimization, and validation. This means that you can simulate and view signal waveforms at any phase of the communication system chain.