Introducing solidThinking Click2Form 2017

On Demand Webinar

Join solidThinking stamping experts for an introduction to Click2Form feasibility and Inspire Stamping add-on module. You’ll learn how to properly perform a formability check for sheet metal parts during the product design phase using Inspire. You’ll see live demonstrations while exploring the following:

  • One-click formability analysis with Inspire Stamping add-on
  • Detailed analysis with Click2Form and how to:
    • Prepare the model for stamping starting from part or die geometry
    • Apply process conditions like binder force and drawbeads
    • Interpret results for potential failures like splits and wrinkles
    • Nest calculated flat blank in coil to reduce scrap for transfer and progressive dies
    • Model double attached and tailor welded blanks

CLICK2FORM Splash Render 4000px.png

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