Zaha Hadid

Filippo Nassetti

Design Research Experiences at ZH CoDe

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The design atelier of Zaha Hadid, founded in 1979, was an early pioneer and adopter of key necessities of innovation-systemic knowledge generation and collaborative design. The Computation and Design research (CoDe) group of the company was an effort initiated in 2007, co-founded by Nils Fischer, Shajay Bhooshan and Patrik Schumacher, in line with the preceding pioneering efforts of the company. The explicit aim for the project independent research and development efforts of the group was to harness the opportunities latent in the inter-disciplinary collaboration of computationally literate architects, engineers and emerging digital manufacturing methods. Conceived on a purely in-house consultancy basis, the group has matured relationships with key industry partners.

CoDe endeavours to develop (early) design methods as well as enabling an exploration of the organisation and articulation of space, within the bounds of physical, economic, and ergonomic feasibility. The presentation will go through a few case studies from the last years, ranging from the exploration of new fabrication techniques for architecture to product design, fashion and new media, aiming at showing beyond the specific projects a method to lead design research, the common ground from which different challenges can be tackled, and the knowledge increase created by each experience.


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