ELiSE Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Sebastian Möller

The Digitalization of Biomimicry Design from the Ocean

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In the field of biomimetics scientists analyze nature in order to understand how natural processes and inventions work. With this understanding a transfer of identified principles into a technical context is possible. The development of lightweight parts is also a field which can profit by the inspiration by nature. Shells of planktonic organisms from the ocean are extremely specialized structures. They were analyzed by marine biologists and biomechanics for decades and were identified to be ideal archetypes when it comes to lightweight design. These shells are the basis of the ELiSE development process (Evolutionary Light Structure Engineering). ELiSE uses software tools and methods in a defined and systematic approach to transfer aspects of the geometrical principles found in the shells into new part designs. The focus of the presentation will be on the automated generation of complex, bio-inspired structures. Furthermore, it is demonstrated how this approach shall be combined with widely used software suites for an implementation into company specific development processes in the future.


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