Efficient Control of AC Machines using Model-Based Development

 Develop better-performing AC drives faster

Discover a highly efficient approach for the control of industrial-strength electrical drives without needing to perform any manual C programming.

This webinar is aimed at engineers who want to develop better-performing AC drives, faster – thus enabling use of motors that are smaller, lighter, quieter, more powerful, and consume less energy. While the Model-Based Development (MBD) approach presented will be generally applicable to any type of AC drive, it will be demonstrated using a specific off-the-shelf AC drive controlled using the Texas Instruments (TI) InstaSPIN™ sensorless, three-phase motor solution. 

During this webinar, special guest Prof. Duco W. J. Pulle will show how to rapidly develop a fully functional, sophisticated electrical drive through the combined use of InstaSPIN with solidThinking Embed software from Altair which provides:

  • Real-time implementation of the control algorithm
  • Automatic generation of reliable, human-readable code direct from diagrams – no manual C programming or code re-writing required
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use debugging capabilities

Dr. Duco W. J. Pulle, CEO EMsynergy, Sydney Australia



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