Generative Design and Topology Optimization Software - Reduce Cost, Development Time, Material Consumption, and Product Weight!

Discover the future of simulation-driven design for topology optimizationsimulation, and manufacturing feasibility within a seamless user experience. Altair Inspire™ is easy to learn and works with your CAD tool. 



Increase Quality

Altair Inspire allows users to rapidly explore and assess designs for static loads, normal modes, buckling and motion through an intuitive user experience leveraging its embedded physics engine. This enables users to ensure a quality and dependable design prior to any prototyping or production.


Reduce Costs

Leveraging simulation-driven design with Inspire early and often in the design process enables costs savings by reducing material usage, re-design iterations, and overall design time.


Faster Development

Simulation-driven design equips its users with the tools necessary to accelerate their overall design process. Inspire helps them to streamline the production of high-performance, quality parts and products. By utilizing Altair Inspire in the concept design phase, users can arrive at an ideal design concept extremely early in the process and reduce, or even eliminate re-design iterations.

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