Hybrid Modeling and Rendering in solidThinking Evolve - Webinar

Date: On-Demand 

This webinar will showcase,how to take advantage of hybrid modeling (solid, surface, and polygonal) all in the same model, using rendering to evaluate shapes and define the design.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Workspace Setup
  • Workflow using Polygonal, Surface, and Solid modeling all within Construction History.
  • Explore technics for creating freeform designs and technical details
  • Use Rendering throughout the process to evaluate the design and make better decisions.


Presenter: Francesco Di Giuseppe, Evolve Application Specialist




Francesco Di Giuseppe, born in central Italy, 27 years old, M.A. in Industrial and Product Design with a final project in automotive design, with past experiences in automotive and furniture design, from 2015 Application Specialist for solidThinking Evolve in Vicenza, north-eastern Italy.

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