Altair Embed

Model-Based  Embedded Development

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Automatically generate code from block diagram models and transfer to popular controller hardware

Once you have a working simulation based on a system diagram, automatically generate the associated code for your hardware controller.  You can also readily test your design using Hardware-in-the-Loop 

Why Embed?

  1. From Diagram to Code, simply: Avoid the tedium (and possible errors) associated with manually writing code for your embedded systems.  Instead, automatically generate code directly from your system diagram.
  2. Highly-Efficient Code: The auto-generated code runs rapidly and produces high-quality results – no need to hand-code in order to speed up the execution of your code.
  3. Robust, Reliable Process: While the auto-generated code is human-readable, there is no need to edit it or tweak it manually, because the automated process is dependable – it just works.


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